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Serving Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario.

AA Regen X 570g (30 Servings)

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You all know about BCAAs and what they do. They prevent muscle breakdown and help intitate muscle growth. That’s usually where the benefits end. Not with our formulas! Let me tell you what sets RegenX aside from the rest. It’s not just BCAAs. It’s an all-around recovery product. It’s sort of in a class of its own. What kind of benefits can you expect from RegenX?

  • Proper hydration
  • Cell volumization
  • Athletic (energy) recovery
  • Joint and liver health
  • Replenishes glutamine stores
  • Repairs damage to the digestive system and aids in proper digestion
  • Blunts muscle catabolism
  • Signals muscle protein synthesis (MPS)
  • Boosts immune function
  • Aids in the proper function of antioxidants
  • Rich in antioxidants

RegenX is our intra or post-workout 4:1:1 recovery blend. It has over 5g of BCAAs in a 4:1:1 ratio providing 3.5g of leucine as well as 3g of glutamine which you’re likely familiar with. It also includes 3.5g of taurine and 3g of Glycine bringing the total amino acid dosage to almost 15g per scoop!

Glycine increases glutathione production, a potent antioxidant; increases creatine production when combined with arginine and methionine (both of which are in our mTOR Ultra); is essential to collagen production, accounting for every 3rd or 4th amino acid in the protein offering synergy with our joint complex; can enhance sleep quality; can prevent fatty liver and inflammation; and seems to improve insulin sensitivity and aid in heart health

Taurine is the most predominant amino acid in muscle tissue and maintains proper cellular hydration and electrolyte balance, regulating minerals like calcium in the cells; increases bile production aiding in proper digestion; supports healthy nervous system function; regulates immune function and aids in the proper function of antioxidants

In addition to the extra amino acids we also include NAC, quercetin, vitamin C and glucosamine sulphate for immune function, liver and joint health; vitamins b6 and b12 and NAC for red blood cell production and a full spectrum electrolyte blend to help with hydration.

As you can see, each ingredient offers its own benefits to recovery, and many (like glycine and our joint complex) have synergistic effects adding value. We pride ourselves on producing the most complete option in each category and RegenX is the perfect example of this! Why stop at muscle recovery when you can have so much more?

Medical Note: Individual results may vary. It is best to consult a physician when starting any product with health and immune information. All information provided is subject to change.