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All ANS Performance products are 20% off & $1500 Giveaway. Serving Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario.
All ANS Performance products are 20% off & $1500 Giveaway. Serving Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario.

NCN Raw Hemp Seed Hearts 454g (15 Servings)



A 10 g of protein, 100% cold pressed, non-GMO
A 10 g of essential omega-3 & 6 fats
A 2 g of fibre, sodium free
A Multiple uses + edible right out of the bag
A Naturally gluten free & low allergenicity
A Highly digestible
A Rich in essential magnesium and iron

Raw Hemp Seed Hearts provide a whole-food plant-based option for those looking for highly digestible, low-allergenic nutrition. Low in saturated fat, they can be part of a heart-healthy diet. They make a convenient and tasty snack on their own or they can
be added to cereals, smoothies, salads, yogurt, etc. to boost your protein and EFA intake simply and conveniently. The overwhelming personal favourite around our office is to simply sprinkle it on to any salad or mix into yogurt.

This Keto friendly & Low-F0DMAP breakfast is packed full of goodness! 25 g of protein, 10 g of omega-3 fats, 18 g of dietary fibre, 1½ times the daily value for magnesium (580 mg) and only 1 g of naturally occurring sugar! This heart healthy, nutrient packed breakfast will ensure your starting your day off right!
1 cup unsweetened non-dairy milk alternative (coconut, hemp, almond)
6 tbsp North Coast Naturals Hemp Seed Hearts
2 scoops North Coast Naturals Ultimate Daily Cleanse
5 drops debittered liquid stevia (or use liquid monk fruit to taste)
½ tsp pure vanilla extract
½ tsp ground cinnamon
Top with some of your favourite crushed nuts


A recent Nielsen global survey found that over of consumers want ¼ more plant-based proteins on store shelves. This increased demand is in large part driven by consumers becoming aware of the health-promoting benefits of incorporating more plant-based foods into their diets. Research has shown that eating more plant-based protein can benefit one's health in general while "improving recovery from training
in specific. 65% of hemp seed protein consists of the highly digestible protein called edestin. No other plant food has a higher edestin content than hemp seed. Edestin is a biologically active protein that is metabolized and used by the human body to manufacture enzymes. hormones. antibodies, and haemoglobin (a component of red blood cells)_iv.v, Studies have shown that hemp protein is not only highly digestible it has very low lev of anti-nutrients. One anti-nutrient commonly found in soy, but not in hemp, is "trypsin inhibitor." Trypsin inhibitors reduce the activity of the enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin, negatively impacting protein digestion. Hemp is also a rich source of magnesium. potassium. manganese and copper
Magnesium. in particular, is
deficient in many diets. A recent study suggests that "subclinical magnesium
deficiency is rampant and one of the leading causes of chronic diseases ... and should
be considered a public health crisis:•ix Although supplemental magnesium sources
are valuable, try to get as much from your diet as possible. Hemp is one of the
richest sources of whole food dietary magnesium one can consume