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Serving Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario.
Serving Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario.

P-nuff Crunch 113g Bag

by P-nuff
Size (servings)

Proprietary blend of Roasted Peanuts, Navy Beans and Rice baked into a Delicious Crunchy, Salty –Sweet Roasted Peanut Flavor Puffed Snack

Complete Protein Nutrition -  a unique combination of Peanuts, Navy Beans and Brown Rice proteins (5g) to create a “complete” amino-acid profile. “Complete” proteins are required for building lean muscles and staying fit.

Healthy Carbohydrate - a proprietary blend of natural plant-based ingredients that is low in sugar (2g). But instead, it provides slow-digesting complex carbohydrate and fiber (3g) that are essential for long lasting energy and satisfaction