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It's our Fall into Health Sale! Serving Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario.
It's our Fall into Health Sale! Serving Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario.

Progressive Organic Bone Broth 300g

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Organic Bone Broth™ contains non-GMO, organic bone broth derived from free-range chickens raised without antibiotics and added hormones. Each scoop of Organic Bone Broth™ provides 16 g of gluten-free and keto-friendly bone broth that mixes easily into hot or cold liquid. It can also be added to your favourite soup, sauce, or stew for an extra punch of nutrition and protein.


  • Free-range chicken

  • 15g protein per scoop

  • Clean source of collagen protein, which helps build and repair body tissue

  • Gluten free

  • Antibiotic free

  • Keto friendly

  • Promotes gut health and digestion

  • Supports joint health and mobility

CONTAINS16G SCOOPCalories60Fat0 gSaturated0 gTrans0 gCarbohydrates0 gFibre0 gSugars0 gProtein15 gCholesterol5 mgSodium210 mgPotassium200 mgCalcium0 mgIron0.5 mgIngredientsOrganic chicken bone broth (powder).

Suggested Dose (Adults)Add 1 scoop (16 g) Organic Bone Broth™ to 250 ml warm/hot water, soup or other hot beverage; add to 250 ml cold water and flavour as desired; blend into sauces, gravy or other savoury dishes.


RecipeHerbed Bone Broth Gravy2 scoops Organic Bone Broth™1 tbsp grass-fed butter1 garlic clove, minced1 medium red onion, chopped½ tbsp rosemary½ tbsp thyme2 cups hot water1 tsp lemon juiceSalt & pepper to tasteMelt butter over medium heat. Sautee garlic, onion and fresh herbs until fragrant. Whisk in Organic Bone Broth™, hot water, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Boil until water reduces by half. Let cool and then blend mixture into a thick gravy. Enjoy!