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It's our Fall into Health Sale! Serving Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario.
It's our Fall into Health Sale! Serving Manitoba & Northwestern Ontario.

Julie Germaine L/XL 3 Piece Glute Band Set


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L/XL 3 Piece Glute Band Set

| 15″ Light Grey | Regular Resistance; Medium Grey | Strong Resistance; Black | Extra Strong Resistance

The Julie Germaine Glute Band has a wide variety of uses in lower body training to enhance exercises and improve muscle development results. There is a total of 6 different size/strength combinations, all of which you will use regularly in your weekly workouts. Each band is manufactured for professional use with top quality fabrics and has grippy material on the inside to prevent slipping.

By purchasing this set, you will be able to properly choose the right resistance for you, have the ability to adjust rep range, and you can incorporate this muscle-building tool to engage your abductors and glutes in many different exercises. Each set comes with 3 Julie Germaine Glute Bands, varying in resistance from 15 lbs to 45 lbs.

The S/M set (13” Green|Pink|Purple)  is ideal for exercises such as hip thrusts, squats, leg press, reverse hyperextensions, bridges – to isolate your butt and make your glutes work extra hard. This set is also ideal for clams, side-lying hip extensions and many more glute activation movements.

The L/XL set (15” Light Grey|Medium Grey|Black) can be used by those men and women with larger legs and quads or for exercises like sumo squats or sumo band walks since they comfortably allow for wider stance. Depending upon the exercise, you can work within a low rep range or build endurance by completing high repetitions.

This item is of the highest quality and should be in your gym bag if you are serious about improving your performance, strength and body shape by effectively training your glutes.

Resistance Levels:
Regular: 15-25 lbs
Strong: 25-35 lbs
Extra Strong: 34-45 lbs

Glute Bands:
L/XL 15″ SET: Light Grey (Regular), Medium Grey (Strong), Black (Extra Strong)

Access to FREE HD video exercise tutorials with each purchase! Fitness expert Julie Germaine shares url featuring 20 unique movements using her Glute Bands.