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5 Tips to Manage  Digital Fatigue

5 Tips to Manage Digital Fatigue

Tired eyes, interrupted sleep, neck pain, inability to focus. All of these symptoms could be a result of screen time fatigue. With an increase in people working from home, virtual schooling and digital communication, our patterns of consumption have changed impacting our health and our mental state. It can be important to learn how to set healthy boundaries in order to manage the digital fatigue and gain more energy.

It can affect your sleep, your energy, your mood, your mental heath and consequently your performance and results at the gym. So here are 5 tips you can work it into your routines daily to help manage your digital fatigue. 

1. Set screen-time limits: This helps to limit the after-hours screen time and put that time towards to more energizing tasks like exercise and outdoor walk. 

2. Build in movement breaks: Movement breaks help release endorphins, trigger more joy and help with your physical health as well.  These simple shifts can help counteract all the time spent in front of your screens and ensure you are getting the movement needed for your mental health and physical well-being.

3. Turn off notifications during virtual meetings: In addition to being on our screens all day, multi-tasking can add to the digital fatigue. To cut down on the distractions and reduce the consumption overload, make a point to close all notifications and secondary screens during meetings, workshops and calls. Focusing on one thing will give your brain more of a rest and allow you to move into the next task feeling more fulfilled and recharged. 

4. Use voice to text - In addition to video calls, virtual school and non-stop zoom events, we are constantly responding to notifications, text messages and digital inquiries. Try using voice messages. Sometimes hearing a loved ones voice without having to be on screen can feel more personal, and let you respond on your timeframe and allow you to disconnect more.

5. Plan for transitions/me-time - in the world of back to back virtual meetings, homeschooling and zoom happy hours we forget to take time to decompress. Try blocking time on your calendar, really taking a lunch and taking formal breaks to pop on a song, listen to a podcast or take a walk outside. It may not happen spontaneously but the need to take breaks is essential to combat the digital fatigue.

On top of that, you can definitely find a supplement that can help block blue light and help you get a better night of sleep. Sleep is critical for everything from brain development to muscle growth, so insomnia and sleep disruption can be very harmful to your health and fitness results. You can’t avoid the light-speed pace of today's society — but what if you could hack into your brain's ability to handle blue light while entering an enhanced sleep state?

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